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My apologies to the readers.  Some of the content was written in anger, but you can imagine seeing your image shown around the internet as a scammer from a minor business dispute after years of service to the community.

These documented shows evidence that exposes the lie's perpetrated against my person and my company.
Please take the time to read as I expose them on-by-one.
Thank you for taking the time to land here!

Following the online abuse by Mercyline Masayna (aka The African Tigress) and Phil Scott of the African Diaspora News Channel, to whom I have never had direct business dealings. I will outline the series of events that lead to this point.

Following a conversation with my daughter, who is of the same generation as Mercyline, I realise that something that natural to me, on the surface, may appear to be unfair as it not the way many people have knowledge of  how to make money.

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Today is the 28 Oct 2021

This site is the intellectual property of Kiyiira Ltd, the domain mame is the propery of the owner of this site and all that's contained within.  However, an executive decision has been made to cease trading on this site or trade under domain.


We do not want to subject client users and patrons to uncertainties following libellous claims made by Mercyline Masayna and Phil Scott.

The Shock

As you can imagine, having my images posted around the internet as a scammer was most hurtful, not only to myself but also to my family and loved ones.

Given the small amount of money contested, it not worth our time and effort to enter into any protected legal action. Our research shows she has been misguided, and in time we hope she sees the error in her judgment.

We wish Mercyline well, and will make all recording accessible to her, relinquish all copywrite to the material that bears the owners image, and help her find a new hosting platform.

Pat Headley


Kiyiira Ltd and Mercyline Masayna entered into a joint venture agreement to develop an online learning course, as the site name depicts.

However, since the agreement's termination, Masayna has been spouting misleading information about her relationship with Kiyiira Ltd and her claim to this domain.(termination: Kiyiira refusal to continue working with M Masayna).

Kiyiira Limited agreed to put up 100 per cent of the financing costs to bring the product to market. This included, but not exclusive to the finance, the development of the site and the associated components to allow the site to function as a course delivery platform.

Kiyiira Ltd would produce all the campaign material, the email marketing platform, the webinar platform, the merchant payment facilities, and any other components required to bring the product to market. In effect, Kiyiira Ltd would finance the risk involved.

The product was to be created by the owner of Kiyiira Ltd, Pat Headley, and Mercyline Masayna with assistance from one others.

Bringing the product to market

There was no issue with the agreed joint venture until immediately after the launch, and the first sales were made.

(For the uninitiated, a joint venture means that both parties to the agreement would promote the product through their given channels. Kiyiira Ltd has several databases containing many thousand clients segmented by their interest.

The party that agrees to the joint venture would receive immediate payment from the party hosting. Kiyiira Ltd, must have sufficient funds in the account as the merchant payment collection can take several days to release the funds, whilst the JV partner gets paid immediately.

The system is completely transparent, and both parties have real-time access to every transaction and the commission split.

As you can see, the party hosting is in a risk position, should there be any refunds.

The fact is that Kiyiira Ltd was demonstrating a marketing process new to Masayna. It's worth noting that Pat Headley is a certified digital marketing specialist with 40 years of business experience.

Directly after the close of the launch webinar

I received a call from Masayna, expecting to be congratulated for a job well done. But, to my surprise, it was a demand for an enormous split of the sales funds and wanting to change the terms previously agreed.

It was pointed out that these new demands were unreasonable, given that Kiyiira Ltd has the following ongoing expenditure. As any business owner knows, it costs to run a business.

1: Ongoing financial commitment to maintaining the site and its associated application

2: Ongoing paid advertising strategies

3: Additional resources to produce marketing material

4: Maintenance support

All this requires business planning, time and resources.

It was pointed out that Kiyiira is in the business of building business, not hobbies. How can a business grow without a defined strategy of customer acquisition that’s repeatable and measurable?

Business owners will understand what I am talking about.

From Business to Vanity

We approached Mercyline to creates a course, as we were actively seeking a Swahili language teacher to create a Swahili learning course. We offer her an attractive proposition, she agreed. However, somewhere in between, it must have shifted in her mind from developing a business to a vanity project.

Let’s continue:

Mercyline Masayna became intransigent in her position (if you have children, you may understand what I mean). She would not shift from her position and refused to carry out the further tasks to complete the course development and deliver value to the students.

We bent over backwards to try to find a resolution. However, in the end, it became impossible, and it was decided that Kiyiira could no longer work with her, given her infantile understanding of how to build a sustainable business.

We note that she is now making claims to the domain based on the fact that she has superior SEO knowledge to a company whose owner is a certified digital marketing specialist and has worked with dozens of clients over the years.

I leave you, the reader, to decide which version is more credible.

Tip: check the registration date of this site and the date of registering the African Tigress site. You will see she followed our advice to secure her domain name shortly after.

Statement of fact

After consideration,  This position was change as I the owner do not have the time to play childish game to gain google views for the accuser.

Original statement
Kiyiira Ltd will never relinquish their intellectual property rights to this domain and will continue to maintain the site to allow access and uninterrupted use for the course subscribers to make full use of the product they have purchased.

A point to note

Our commitment to the subscribers went as far as to seek another Swahili teacher at Kiyiira's cost as compensation for the uncompleted delivery of items to the students that Masayna refused to carry out. The engagement led to a newly formed relationship with someone who has a more mature understanding of business.

Discussion of the cancel culture

I now bring your attention to the defamatory claims made by Mercyline Masayna and her Phil Scott from the 'African Diaspora News Channel', whom I have no direct business dealings

These are images I will decline to fully reproduce here as it demonstrates the depth of depravity of Masayna and Scott, and the misuse of their tenanted Google YouTube platform to slander others without the right of reply.

Clickbait Scott, who claims to run a news channel, should be embarrassed to post such content without due diligence and a right to reply, leaving him personally liable to legal recourse.

This is the age of ‘cancel culture’, where individuals are at home living their lives through others' eyes, following so-called influencers who request funds to furnish their own lifestyles without providing any real content that can empower you to create your own lifestyle. I know very well (as Masayna perpetuates her untruthful claims)  I chose to offer her my years business expirence to help uplift her and enable her to grow while supported.

I guess I must be out of my depth with this cancel generation who can only retain just  a bite-size of information before running to the next clickbait fix.

In closing

However, I believe enough has been said on this matter and, following Masanya’s recent online display, and her dramatic seeking of sympathy in her delusional belief of having been duped by Pat Headley, Kiyiira Ltd feel vindicated in their actions to cease all further relationship under any circumstances. This point was relayed and sparked her frenzied actions.

Kiyiira Ltd have always conducted business in a highly ethical manner and will continue to do so. It should be noted that the owner has over 40 years of business experience and in all this time there has never been a single claim of lack of integrity.

This is not a joyous moment for me; anyone who knows me knows my love for my people and the continent, and that I have travelled extensively across the continent, establishing business. However, I do understand that we have a long, long way to go in terms of trust.

 A lesson learned

The fact is that, regardless, I will strive to remain positive, and maintain a positive belief.
You can’t do the right thing with the wrong people, and you never stop learning.

I am deeply disappointed in the actions of both, and I would encourage subscriber and sponsor to rethink their relationship and do not condone their deplorable actions.

Exposing The lies

We will expose every lie one by one

You are digging youself in deep tigress come of this trip
your are now employing actors!

Please provide receipt or screen shot, , you know this is not possible.

We have seen that some of her support has switched to say in Kiyiira has stolen her money from Mercyline. This is not possible as the course has not been on sale since the dispute started. And there is no way any can purchase it.

We will qeep the contract active so the client see the stats, for want of been further accused .

How Google keeps us in a state of sleep

Phil Scott is a liar

Phil Scott, with whom I have never had business dealing, posted this unfounded claim on his website. (correction, his Youtube channel.)

 This provides documented legal proof of his libellous claim.

It makes wonder who is the scammer here;
Locked out of course - proof untrue
Keeping customer  money - 
proof untrue  (the system used to make this impossible)

Phil Scott claims to run a business so I will remind him of the defination of a customer.

A person who buys goods or services from a shop or business.

Kiyiira focuses on building relationships and turning customers into clients, thereby offering added value,  here's why.

A customer is a person or company that receives, consumes or buys a product or service and can choose between different goods and suppliers. The main goal of all commercial enterprises is to attract customers or clients, and make them purchase what they have on sale.

They also try to encourage them to keep coming back. At the core of marketing is having a good understanding of what the customer needs and values. We often refer to customers who have a relationship with the supplier as clients.

Also, people who hire the services of a professional are clients, not customers. For example, a lawyer has clients. When a customer buys something, the seller immediately focuses on the next one. 

However, with a client, the aim is to cultivate the relationship.
In many cases, the client-supplier relationship becomes similar to a partnership. This does not tend to happen with customers.


I will attempt to use this rather negative space forced on me to teach some basic business principles.

60/40 The Optics explained

Welcome to Digital Marketing 101

I mentioned that I would attempt to turn this space around and use it for positive education.

Why as a people, we are left behind, marketing like the big boys on a small budget.

After speaking with my daughter, who is of the same generation as Mercyline, she pointed out that what stood was the optics the of 60/40 split.

This conversation inspired this article.

Google YouTube nurtures an army of ‘content providers’ to aid Google video marketing ad's. Google know our online habits well and what our interests are;  we are tracked as we move around the internet.  Remember, viewing a product and then seeing an ad's for it, or intrupting a video you are viewing? Yes, Google know who you are.

How Google manipulates - the merry go round

All this negativity that has been going on has drawn a crowd, enabling Google to show ads and thus generate ad revenue. They pay back a minuscule amount to the 'content providers'  by way of commission for the ads shown on the content provider’s channel.

The more views the 'content provider' generates the more commission they receive from Google, hence the 'content creator'  fesds Google, and Google feeds the content creator. 

It's a fact that more people will gather around a negative story than want to learn about investments or other uplifting content that can make a positive change in their lives. It's nature, it’s how we have been programmed.

Most of us are aware of a means of marketing that is almost invisible to us until we see ads that show a product we have recently viewed. This is called retargeting or remarketing and is practised by Google,  Facebook and the like.

The big boys use this to bring in sales hand over fist, 24/7. I know I am a certified digital specialist but, to be frank, most of this knowledge is learned on the battlefield in the trenches.

There is a saying among digital marketing professionals that marketer with the biggest budgets wins Pepsi Cola, Nike, etc. (but this is not entirely true)

So, how can we, the little fish, compete with big fish and take advantage of this and have Google/Facebook/Instagram working for us 24/7?

The answer is to understand the digital marketing industry.

Playing the game the smart way, when you enter the arena with the big boys, be ready for big financial blows. Unless you are experienced enough to carefully pick your way around to find a niche that the big boys won’t be spending much money targeting (this can be a minefield), when you hit that gold seam it's BINGO, as we say in the UK.

Just a click on ad's shown by google ( not a sale) can earn Google tens of dollars, and in a competitive industry like insurance, this is big big bucks. So, remember then when you click Google gets paid, ooch!

The deal was that Kiyiira would set up a shared marketing budget spreadsheet. Kiyiira would manage the ad's budget to show expenditure and returns, which would include ongoing business running costs and running the marketing campaigns.

I mention Kiyiira here, as some of the components to run this type of campaign have to be outsourced by the company, such as ad's creatives and the like.

In the initial testing stage, experimenting with images and text, even down to something as small as the colour of the 'call to action’ button. All this takes a great deal of time, monitoring what's working, making adjustments and so on.                                                        

Why 60/40 and what was said; I was pretty clear that funds outside of any sales revenue had to be input, as sales would not pick up until this marketing channel had matured. Bear in mind that Kiyiira has an extensive niche database that would also be targeted.

This table will give you an idea of why 60/40.

The Optics 60/40 broken down

Initial % Split

Ongoing Commitments.

Ongoing Finincial commitment / risk / time.

 40% Mercyline Masayna

Pomote to niche


Kiyiira  Ltd

Technically have a team working to bring in sales 24/7.

- Promote to niche,
- develop long term organic stratergy.
- Manage paid traffic campaigns.

- Finance ongoing business cost,

- Marketing cost

The initial creative, experimental / testing stage is risky and may incur a loss. 

Lots of time devoted to testing. However, once matured, this strategy will reach audiences outside of the niche.

Importantly, this strategy is working for you 24/7, making money whilst you sleep.

I may expand this into a more in-depth article explaining the difference between psychical and digital marketing. But at a glance, psychical products require ongoing, repeatable actions, whilst digital products are made once and sell many times.

Absolute Proof Documents

Absolute Proof

This was an attempt to educate her on making money whilst she sleeps and expanding the product to a broader niche.

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Dispelling rumours of idea theft

Although, there is credence to the accusation that Kiyiira stole an idea.
This snippet from a WhatsApp conversation with the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce showed Kiyiira's was actively seeking to develop a language course well before we came across Mercyline attempting to deliver Swahili language training to her Patreon subscribers. We explained how we could partner with her in developing this into a marketable product. She agreed.

Comming soon -  More documents to refute false claims

Relating to the JV agreement, We will provide absolute Proof of how kiyiira's subscriber databases assisted in the course sales.

A point to note is, after the initial launch, the course has never been marketed, and the Meercyline still has access to JV sale sats.

Why truth and honesty is important in business

Strip a person naked, and all they have left is their word and how cheaply they use it.  Their credibility measured from how they have lived their life.

Pat Headley

The amount of money

I would have give her all to walk away. The sale as a joint effort this is the meaning of a JV.

She could have had it all.