About The Course Tutor

Naomi  is a much sought-after Swahili tutor who loves helping students of all ages and enjoys the challenge and reward of hearing them speak Swahili with confidence.

Who is the course for?

This course is for the busy person who has a mission to do business in East Africa, and wants to be held accountable and learn fast. Also for the person who is planning on travelling or living in the Kiswahili language region. It would help if you were comfortable with the online pre-study but also wants teacher accountability and tuition.

About the course

The 202 Kiswahili course is well structured and provides a steady learning pace. The course comes with study material and two free private lessons with the teacher. However, before booking your free lessons, we encourage you to go through the pre-study course learning material so that you can make the most of your time with your teacher. Lessons can be booked at a pace you are comfortable with.

  • 2 Free private lessons
  • Video lessons
  • Self-study material
  • Progress Quizzes
  • Flash card library
  • Worksheets

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